Spend Two Hours a Week
To Transform Another Life
Be a Mentor
4 months 15 sessions Enhance Employability of Under-Resourced Youth

Positive adult role models play an important role in influencing the right choices, staying on course, pushing one’s self & moving ahead in life.

Youth from under resourced communities

Hail from difficult socio-economic circumstances

Have experienced poor quality learning environment

Are trapped in the cycle of poverty due to which they’re unable to access a life beyond survival

Are subject to constant negative reinforcement, both internal and external

As a result of which they

Do not get constructive guidance on planning their future

Lack an emotional anchor

Perform poorly at the workplace and frequently change jobs

Are not adequately skilled for remaining professionally relevant in the new age

End up remaining trapped in the cycle of poverty

Here’s How You Can Help

Meet your mentee 2 hours a week for 4 months - at mutually convenient times

Become their friend, role model & guide

Help them understand themselves better & know what they really want from life professionally & personally

Co-create a realistic career & life trajectory while demonstrating ways of accomplishing them

Enhance your mentee’s emotional intelligence and boost their morale

Help them stay on track & excel at the workplace

XBSL’s goal is to ensure India’s youth remain professionally relevant in the age of technology. This is essential for our country’s youth to lead quality lives. A large number of unemployed youth can also lead to a huge burden on the economy, with detrimental ripple effects. As a mentor, you’re the most important part of our solution.

Here’s What It Takes

Ease of conversing in English & Hindi

A commitment to complete 15 structured, one-to-one sessions spread over a period of 4 months

Patience, perseverance and an open mind

Skills Lab mentors enable the enhancement of the following Critical Core SkillsTM

Goal Setting & Decision Making
Problem Solving
People Management
Strategic Thinking
Creative Thinking
Emotional Intelligence

How It Works

Apply on our mentor
application form

Receive an email from us regarding an in-person discussion with our team

Come on-board as a mentor

Attend a 4-hour orientation session over the weekend

Use our mobile application to receive details about your mentee

Begin sessions!

What You Can Expect
From Us

Mentoring requires the use of creative methods to enhance the shared journey. For any support, assistance or query, the XBSL team is available 24x7. Whether operational, logistical or program related, we’re there for you! Reach out to us on our helpline or through the mobile app.

Each mentor-mentee pair will be provided with a handbook, which will contain a structured activity based curriculum, focusing on identified impact areas.

We bring together iconic speakers from across domains on a regular basis, to share inspiring ideas and stories with our mentors. These take place at interesting venues and also become an opportunity for our mentors to connect with each other.

What you get

Meet a new friend

Constructively utilize your time & experience towards positively influencing another life

Contribute towards national development by ensuring enhanced employability of our youth

Be part of an offline social network of changemakers - we are building a community of mentors from diverse professional backgrounds