We Discover & Develop Future Ready Talent

X Billion Skills Lab will enable your organisation’s growth in increasingly complex, competitive and technology‐driven markets.

Critical Core Skills
Future Ready Workplace Skills

If you’re an organisation that’s gearing up for the age of technology, you’re most likely

Planning how to successfully engage emerging customer types
Rewiring your marketing strategy
Embedding new technology into your operation
Upgrading to the latest machinery
Evolving your products and services

Your talent needs to align to this transforming business environment. Here’s where we come in.

We acknowledge the
ecosystem challenges
that talent face:

Lack of Concrete Life Goals
Challenging Social Circumstances
Lack of Access to Resources & Opportunities
Lack of and Measurable Life Goals and Mentors
Negative Reinforcement with Consequent Insecurity and Anxiety
Poor Quality Education & Learning Experience

impact your business,
in the form of

Poor Performance & Low Effectivity
Cultural Fitment
High Attrition Adding Hiring & Training Costs
Lack of Learning Mindsets
Lack of Preparedness to Adapt to the Future

For this reason, XBSL’s talent development journey starts at the most fundamental level, in order to build a solid foundation for your organisation to be future ready.

XBSL’s delivery lies at the intersection of our learner’s context, industry-related factors and the client’s specific needs. Our Critical Core SkillsTM focus on psycho-social development aspects and are a foundation for customized Future-Ready Workplace Skills. This ensures that talent is agile and equipped with knowledge to deliver high quality performance.

Our efforts are focused on the following levels of your workforce

Levels of Workforce

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Learning Methodology: Accept

  • It is important to accept why the specific skills are being built along with clear incentives to learn
  • Learners must accept what their strengths and weaknesses are, for them to fill their skills gap
  • Every learner at XBSL is briefed on the changes taking place in the business environment and thereby accept that if they don’t build necessary skills, they risk becoming professionally irrelevant

Learning Methodology: Imagine

  • Our trainers and curriculum writers are instructed to fuel the learner’s imagination to excite them about future possibilities
  • Content is designed based on visualization, making it effective in ensuring application
  • Each learner is made to believe they can create their own reality, as they imagine it to be and not rely on external factors

Learning Methodology: Build

  • All our session plans are designed to be relevant to the lives & aspirations of our learners
  • Learners are specifically taught how to leverage the knowledge & skills to achieve their desired life trajectory

Delivery: Workshops

Skills are built through contextualized case studies and stories with participants working together in small groups. These have been designed in a format that takes in account the learner’s interest and age group and further provides clear incentive for application at the workplace.

Delivery: E-learning

Our online courses, across a variety of topics, concepts and industry updates provided in regional languages, can be accessed by learners across the country. Each learner will be given open access to this content so they can consistently upgrade their knowledge.

Delivery: Mentoring

Each learner is paired with a mentor- a positive adult role model and emotional anchor. The mentor helps the learner build a life map so that they see value in maximising professional efficiency and make prudent life and career decisions.

Services: Upskilling

Our learning modules, courses and delivery platforms can be customized based on employers’ briefs to make their existing teams future ready.

Services: Placements

We scout for aspiring graduates who display the right attitude for the desired job sector & role. Each learner experiences 60+ hours of Critical Core SkillsTM & Future Ready Workplace Skills through workshops & mentoring, in addition to getting fully free access to our e-learning content.

Our intelligent database then matches them with the appropriate employer to ensure a long term mutually benefiting association.

Skills: Critical Core Skills

All learners at XBSL receive our Critical Core SkillsTM exposure. These focus on developing innate abilities such as Emotional Intelligence, Positive Jugaad (Creative Problem Solving), Strategic Thinking, and People Management.

Skills: Future Ready Workplace Skills

Future Ready Workplace skills focus on aligning talent with future industry and organization pivots. From management softwares, data analytics, full stack development, marketing & sales in the age of technology to efficient task planning, we partner with sector leaders to build customized FRWS.