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Our vision is to enable India’s youth to remain professionally relevant in the age of technology.

X Billion Skills Lab is a wholly owned subsidiary of X Billion Labs Pvt Ltd - an ecosystem of impact enterprises. Our journey began when Samyak (MD X Billion Labs) adopted a Marathi medium primary school in Dharavi. Very soon he realized that providing basic formal education to under-resourced youth will not help them break out of the poverty cycle because their challenges are ecosystem driven, emotionally embedded and they are subject to constant negative reinforcement. What they need is access, exposure & opportunities in order to bring them onto a level playing field. Therefore, he began 'The Green Batti Project (GBP)' which grew onto become India's largest one-on-one mentoring program.

GBP has now evolved into X Billion Skills Lab to enhance employability of India's youth - majority of whom are under-resourced. Our aim is to equip them to lead better quality lives with raised standards of living. Our consequent aim is to also provide India Inc's emerging high growth companies access to talent that has skills relevant and complementary to their growth plans.

In the near future we aim to work with the Government of India to upgrade Skill India's training platforms and also collaborate with partners in BRICS and SAARC economies who face a similar skill deficit.

The Threat

High potential youth deserve a platform to develop their talents. With outdated mainstream education, exercising this potential has become hard. This results in youth not having access to quality jobs, which in turn has a detrimental effect not only on their career but on the quality of their lives at large.

The Opportunity

We seek out high potential talent from under resourced communities and equip them with skills that organisations today are in need of. We also work directly with organisations for them to upskill their existing talent to become future-ready. Our efforts ensure that the skills of high potential individuals do not become redundant.

Win-Win Situations

Recognising that the economy of the future requires a very different set of skills, we work with youth to help them realise their full capabilities while simultaneously ensuring that businesses get access to future-ready, high performing talent.

X Billion Labs

X Billion Labs is an ecosystem of impact enterprises collectively working towards enhancing the quality of life for India's next billion people, through re-imagining problems and consequent solutions in the present & future context. Over the next decade, XBL will roll out businesses that solve fundamental challenges in areas of development such as healthcare delivery, employability, agriculture, internet access, energy, water, financial access and resource conservation. Currently, 3 Labs (Skills Lab, Action Lab and Tech Lab) have been launched and are each working on their unique mission to positively transform lives.


Samyak Chakrabarty
Managing Director
Paige Walker
Executive Director &
Lead- Advocacy Initiatives
Jyotirmoy Chatterji
Rishi Razdan
Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder
Diksha Nawany
Chief of Staff

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Self Employed Women's Association
UN Information Centre
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