Enabling Young India to remain professionally relevant in the age of technology. X Billion Skills Lab is an enterprise for human development.

Enhancing employability through workshops based on first principles learning, one-on-one mentoring & resource access. XBSL also enables career opportunities with new age high growth companies in sectors like BFSI, Healthcare, Travel, E-Commerce & Education.

Changing Times

We are on the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution - Digitization.
Governments and businesses are identifying increasingly efficient ways to operate, becoming technology‐driven and evolving their schemes, products & services aligning with the present and potential future.

Great Potential

Organizations require talent that is aligned with technological changes, new lines of business and evolved consumers. Increased growth and innovation along with investments in domains such as BFSI, Healthcare, Pharma, E‐Commerce & Consumer Goods provide a hotbed of opportunities.


These disruptions will create two kinds of individuals. One who can seamlessly align with the changes and the other‐ who cannot. Unfortunately today, the latter is in majority.

Systemic Challenges

Majority of youth (2/3rd of population set) are victim to systemic challenges. These include lack of access to resources, outdated learning environments and prevailing psycho‐social factors that restrict growth.

Survival of the Fittest

Approximately 2 million youth graduate annually. Only 25% of them are employable as per industry standards. With a large population and diminishing jobs- it is imperative to upskill in order for high potential talent to survive and grow.

Human-Centric Approach

At XBSL we believe learning and skill building must begin at the fundamental, neural level. Our Critical Core SkillsTM (CCS) ‘program’ the software of the human mind to make youth more adaptable, mindful and geared to deal with personal and professional challenges that today’s dynamic world presents.

Future-Workplace Oriented

On the foundation of Critical Core SkillsTM, XBSL delivers Future Ready Workplace Skills (FRWS) customized to career streams & business sectors. Our goal is to enable youth to embark on an upward trajectory while providing organizations with human talent that can translate new business ideas into reality.

Transforming India

Successful youth and thriving businesses are fundamental to economic growth and prosperity. As the future becomes increasingly complex, uncertain and difficult- humans need to realign themselves in order to navigate progressively into the unknown.